VPN : secure private networking via the Internet using Windows XP

by Johannes Helmig [Published on 2 Sept. 2003 / Last Updated on 2 Sept. 2003]

Windows XP Home and Professional include some tools to use the Internet for more than
just to "surf": to view WWW-webpages in HTML-format.

But the Internet has also its security problems, because any information transmitted from your system (like: your credit-card number , you enter on making an online purchase), is transmitted via several stages to the destination server, and somebody could listen in to that transmission:

Using VPN = Virtual Private Network, the Internet can be used for companies for internal use ,
allowing access to an internal e-Mail system ( like : Microsoft Exchange), an ERP system
(Enterprise Resource Planning, like SAP) or network access )::

-have the "road warriors" (salesmen, service technician,..) connect to the
home office via Internet (instead of making expensive long distance,
sometimes intercontinental, phone calls)

- connect branch offices in different locations (countries, continents)
via Internet (instead via expensive leased lines, like: Frame-relay)

Using Microsoft VPN, you can also create a secure private network, connecting PC's at home
in different location.

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using VPN, a secure connection is established via the Internet :

There are several companies offering now devices/support for VPN connections.

Microsoft support for Virtual Private Networking:
available as Client as FREE download from Microsoft as
part of the Dialup-Networking 1.2 Upgrade
included as Client
NT4included in NT4 Workstation and Server as Client and Server
included with Windows 2000 Professional and Server
Included with Windows XP Home and Professional :
- define VPN-server to allowing an incoming VPN connection
- define the VPN out-going connection
- make the VPN connection
VPN using PPTP is compatible between different Windows versions:
- you can make connections between Windows95, 98, ME, NT4,2000 and XP

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