Windows XP

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This section is focused on networking issues for Windows XP. In this section you can find articles that discuss the new features found in XP, administrator tools, internet and file sharing, security issues, and more important networking information for XP.

  1. How to boot your Windows XP system in MS-DOS for Network setup/diagnostics

  2. How to check access to Shared Resources (note XP is limited to 10 simultaneous Connections)

  3. How to install the Microsoft Loopback adapter in Windows XP

    The Microsoft Loopback adapter is a testing tool for a virtual network environment where network access is not available; this may come in very handy when you need to verify connectivity or test. Those of you with Router and Switch skills may already be familiar with the use of loopback interfaces. In this article we will cover the fundamentals of... Read More

  4. How to use remote Desktop Access in Windows XP

  5. How to use remote assistance in Windows XP

  6. How to use the Group Policy Editor to change default systems settings

  7. How to verify your Network card is working properly

  8. How to verify your Network is working correctly

  9. Installing Windows XP

  10. More Windows XP documentation in the Windows XP Resource Kit

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