Windows XP

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This section is focused on networking issues for Windows XP. In this section you can find articles that discuss the new features found in XP, administrator tools, internet and file sharing, security issues, and more important networking information for XP.

  1. Customizing Unattended Setup

    This article walks you through the steps of using Setup Manager to create an answer file for unattended installation of Windows XP. The article also covers how to use Setup Manager to set up distribution folders on your network and how to customize these folders for special purposes such as branding your system and updating device drivers... Read More

  2. Windows XP SP2 New Security Features Review

    Visual review of the new security features Microsoft is planning for Windows XP Service Pack 2. This article focuses on my experience with installing the current Beta v.2082 of SP2 so things may change by the time of release. I do not go over Internet Explorer changes in this article since they deserve a separate article... Read More

  3. About the new Windows XP Professional Logon Screen : New XP style or NT4/2000 style

  4. Connecting Windows XP to Multiple Networks: Office and Home

  5. VPN : secure private networking via the Internet using Windows XP

  6. Activating your license of Windows XP (Required, or it will stop working )

  7. About the Windows XP Addon Downloads from Microsoft ( JAVA support, PowerToys/TweakUI)

  8. Blocking Windows XP making contact with Microsoft via Internet

  9. Configuring Windows XP as a Network Bridge

  10. Using a non-Microsoft Firewall (e.g. ZoneAlarm) in Windows XP

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