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This section is focused on networking issues for Windows XP. In this section you can find articles that discuss the new features found in XP, administrator tools, internet and file sharing, security issues, and more important networking information for XP.

  1. Creating a Sysprep Image Library for Virtual PC

    This article examines how to use Sysprep to create a library of operating system images which you can then use to deploy virtual machines on Microsoft Virtual PC for testing purposes. Such a library can help you save valuable time when creating test networks using Virtual PC... Read More

  2. Customizing Unattended Setup

    This article walks you through the steps of using Setup Manager to create an answer file for unattended installation of Windows XP. The article also covers how to use Setup Manager to set up distribution folders on your network and how to customize these folders for special purposes such as branding your system and updating device drivers... Read More

  3. Differences between the XP Home and Professional Edition !

  4. First looks at Windows XP Networking

  5. First looks at the Windows XP interface: Windows, Start-Menu and Balloon-Tips

  6. Gaining Speed: Empty Prefetch on your XP System

    A little known tweak that can help you gain some performance on your XP Professional (and Windows Server 2003) related systems is to periodically empty the prefetch folder. The prefetch folder is used to help speed up the loading of programs; XP will load programs it thinks you need before you ask for them yourself... Read More

  7. How to ''Quickly'' Test DNS Resolution

    In this article we will cover how you can quickly test if you have resolution via a name server or not. Many times this comes up, a DNS server is down; client loses IP connectivity and can''t resolve DNS, DNS cache poisoning, the list goes on. DNS problems are common. Using this handy guide you can quickly see how you... Read More

  8. How to Disable Media Sense for TCP/IP in Windows XP

    In this article we will cover how to disable ‘Media Sense’ for TCP/IP based connections on a Windows XP professional system. We will also cover why this may be beneficial to you in practical use... Read More

  9. How to Optimize Network Connections in Windows XP

    In this article we will cover how to optimize network connections on your Windows XP system. The optimizing of such connections lead to enhanced performance and security and are often overlooked. This article quickly shows you how to optimize and harden your network connections efficiently and effectively... Read More

  10. How to Use the SPCheck Tool in Windows XP

    In this article we will cover the use of the Windows XP support tool called SPCheck. This is a handy tool that can be quickly used to assess the service pack level of installed components on a file by file basis. In this article we will look at how to acquire this tool, how it install it as well as... Read More

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