NT4 Workstation Web-Server

by Johannes Helmig [Published on 24 June 2000 / Last Updated on 24 June 2000]

NT4 Workstation includes a "Peer Web-Server", based on "Internet Information Server (IIS)":
- NT4 Peer Web-Server: Installation(created June 24,2000)
- Internet Service Manager(created June 24,2000)
- Web-Server : ASP Upgrade(created June 24,2000)

Microsoft offers the download of the NT Option Pack, which includs
a newer version of a Web server, the "Personal Web Server 4.0"
(which is identical to the PWS provided with Windows98/98SE) :
- Download NT Option Pack(created June 25,2000)
- Installation NT Option Pack(created June 25,2000)
- Management via Personal Web Manager(created June 25,2000)
For differences in functionality of PWS between Windows98 and WindowsNT4:
view the IISREAD of Windows98 PWS

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