Windows9x: Changing Network Password

by Johannes Helmig [Published on 30 June 1999 / Last Updated on 30 June 1999]

Your Windows9x system is connected to an NT-Domain server, to which you need to login:

for security, the Domain server may have been configured to enforce the regular changing of User-Password, so every few weeks, you are getting the message:

and you need to define a new password:

On your next Logon to the network, you are then using the new password, but you will also be prompted now for a Windows Login Password:

By changing the network password, Windows could not login to the local Windows system with the network password, since the local Windows Logon-password had not yet been changed !

For most users, it is just annoying to have now to change also the Windows Logon-Password, but there is a very simple method to avoid this:

Goto the Control-Panel: "Passwords" and select "Change Windows Password..":

Important: since we want to change only the Windows Password, make sure that there is NO Check-mark on the "Microsoft Networking":

In the "Change Windows Password" dialog, enter your current Windows Login password, but enter NOTHING (leave it BLANK) in the fields for the new Passwords, then select 'OK':

Windows will not bother you anymore with the "Windows Logon", even if you have to change again your Network password.

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