NT4 Connecting from a Windows95 System

by Johannes Helmig [Published on 7 Dec. 1997 / Last Updated on 7 Dec. 1997]

Most important: when logging in now to your Windows95 system, you MUST use a "User-Name", which is defined as a NT4 user, and your Windows95 password MUST match now your WindowsNT password ! (or be a Guest !)

A user with "Full Access " permissions uses his Windows95 "Network Neighborhood" to browse the network and has no limitation in his activities
(like copying files to the disk of the NT4 systems):

A user with limited "Read-access" will not be allowed to store new files or delete data on the NT4 disk, any such attempt will result in an error-message:

And if you logged in to the Windows95 system, using a User-Name, which is NOT defined as WindowsNT4 user, then you will not even be allowed to see the list of "Shares" available on the NT4 system (and I have not yet figured out, for which password this message is prompting):

Windows NT offers also a feature, not available on Windows95:
The "Server"-applet in the "Control-Panel" displays any active Network connection to the NT 4 disk:

However, if you are not operating in a Security-sensitive environment, there is a method to make the access from a Windows95 system much easier:

NT4 Guest account

When a Windows95/98 system is connected to an NT-system, it is possible to use the
NT User database for Windows9x User-Level Share Access.

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