Windows 7

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  1. Architecting, Deploying and Operating Direct Access (Part 1)

    This article covers the pre-requisites to plan, prepare and scope the environment of your new Direct Access deployment... Read More

  2. Architecting, Deploying and Operating Direct Access (Part 2)

    This article deals with Direct Access capacity planning which will help you in sizing your deployment and starting with the deployment process... Read More

  3. Architecting, Deploying and Operating Direct Access (Part 3)

    In this article, we walk through some of the benefits and capabilities of UAG to help you make the decision about using it in your deployment... Read More

  4. Compatibility Testing for Windows 7 (Part 1)

    In spite of the marketing hype, there are some known compatibility issues with Windows 7. This article series will discuss the author’s own experiences in upgrading to Windows 7, and will discuss the various tools that are available for Windows 7 compatibility testing... Read More

  5. Configuring Time in Windows 7 and Win 2008 R2

    The importance of having correctly configured time on a PC or server. We will then move on to what is new with Windows 7 when it comes to time configuration. Finally, what happens with the NTP configuration when a server becomes a domain controller... Read More

  6. Connecting Windows 7 to an iSCSI SAN

    How to configure Windows 7 to connect it to an iSCSI SAN... Read More

  7. Controlling Windows 7 Logon Options

    Fast User Switching is a feature that most organizations might want to disable due to local, network, and security issues that are occurring in the background... Read More

  8. Creating a fully updated Windows 7 image (Part 1)

    This is the first part of a two-part article that walks through steps for using third-party tools to create a Windows 7 image for deployment that incorporates all available software updates for the operating system... Read More

  9. Creating, Attaching, and Mounting VHD Files in Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2

    How to create, attach and mount VHD files in Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2... Read More

  10. Customizing the Default User Profile in Windows 7 (Part 1)

    This article begins a short series dealing with how to customize the default user profile in Windows 7... Read More

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