Windows 7

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  1. Windows 7 Compatibility Testing (Part 1)

    Demonstrating the need for comprehensive compatibility testing prior to a Windows 7 deployment, discussing also the various tools available to help you do so... Read More

  2. Windows 7 Compatibility Testing (Part 2)

    This article discusses Microsoft’s Application Compatibility Toolkit, and its role in the Windows 7 compatibility testing process... Read More

  3. Windows 7 Compatibility Testing (Part 3)

    Continuing the discussion on the Application Compatibility Toolkit by examining the process for building a data collector package, and determining which workstations should be used for compatibility testing purposes... Read More

  4. Windows 7 Compatibility Testing (Part 4)

    How to critically examine the applications that are being run within your organization, prior to beginning the compatibility testing phase of the deployment process... Read More

  5. Windows 7 Compatibility Testing (Part 5)

    This article continues the series on Windows 7 compatibility testing by discussing the importance of classifying the applications that are in use within your organization... Read More

  6. Windows 7 Compatibility Testing (Part 6)

    This article continues the discussion of Windows 7 compatibility testing by examining feedback from application vendors and the IT community... Read More

  7. Windows 7 Compatibility Testing (Part 7)

    This article continues the series on Windows 7 compatibility testing by explaining how to analyze the various issues that have been reported... Read More

  8. Windows 7 Compatibility Testing (Part 8)

    This article concludes the series on Windows 7 compatibility testing by examining the Microsoft Application Compatibility Manager’s reporting capabilities... Read More

  9. Windows 7 Default Services and Suggested Startup Mode

    This article lists the default startup mode for Windows 7 services and possible settings that improve performance... Read More

  10. Windows 7 Simple TCP/IP Services - What and How?

    What the Windows 7 Simple TCP/IP Services are and how they can help you... Read More

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