Windows 2003

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This section is focused on networking issues for Windows 2003. Among the many topics discussed are different network protocols, Windows 2003 specific networking tools, and the new features included in Windows 2003.

  1. Implementing File Screening in Windows Server 2003 R2

    This article walks you through how to configure file screening in Windows Server 2003 R2. File screening is a new capability in Windows Server that allows administrators to restrict what kind of files users save to their home folders and other shared network folders... Read More

  2. Installing DNS On Windows 2003

    This tutorial will cover the installation of DNS on a Windows 2003 system. By reading through this tutorial you will learn about caveats that need to be noted when installing one of the most important services on a Windows network... Read More

  3. Installing and Configuring Virtual PC (Part 1)

    In this two part article I will guide you through the installation of Microsoft’s virtual PC. The article will also focus on how virtual PC should be installed so that your system functions correctly... Read More

  4. Installing and configuring virtual PC (Part 2)

    In the first part of this article I took you through the installation of Virtual PC, in this article I will guide you through the configuration of Microsoft’s virtual PC. The article will focus on how virtual PC should be configured so that your system functions effectively and makes use of the hardware efficiently... Read More

  5. Issues Involved In Converting Basic Disks To Dynamic Disks

    One of the Windows Server 2003 features that I’ve always found most useful is the ability to convert basic disks to dynamic disks. The advantage of doing this is that the Windows operating system allows you to span a single volume across multiple dynamic disks. By spanning a volume across multiple disks, you can create a larger volume than what... Read More

  6. Key Performance Monitor Counters

    This article looks at key Performance Monitor counters you may want to watch to ensure your Windows Server 2003 machines are running smoothly... Read More

  7. MSI Packaging Tools

    This article discusses various third-party tools you can use to repackage applications into MSI files so you can deploy them using Group Policy in your Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003 enterprise environment. The article also includes helpful links to resources on and third-party sites where you can find out more about repackaging applications and deploying them using Group... Read More

  8. Making The Transition From SUS to WUS

    Although the Windows Update Service (WUS) is still in beta testing, WUS is an important software release and it’s worth looking at now. In this article, I will explain how to implement WUS and have it co-exist with your existing SUS deployment. I will then explain how you can begin testing WUS and make the transition once WUS is finally... Read More

  9. Making Your DNS Service Fault Tolerant

    Most network administrators know that Active Directory is dependant on DNS. What you might not realize is that there is a good chance that your DNS server is performing several other critical tasks in the background. A DNS failure can be more catastrophic than most people realize. In this article I will explain why this is the case and how... Read More

  10. Making the Windows Server 2003 Indexing Service Useful

    Last month I wrote <a href="">an article</a> that explained how to set up the Windows Server 2003 Indexing Service. The Indexing Service makes searching for information on your network a whole lot faster than using the built in Windows Search tool. The only problem is that the query interface is built into the server’s Computer Management console and is therefore... Read More

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