Windows 2003

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This section is focused on networking issues for Windows 2003. Among the many topics discussed are different network protocols, Windows 2003 specific networking tools, and the new features included in Windows 2003.

  1. Determining the Functional Level in Windows Server 2003

    In this article we will cover how to find out what your domain functional level is as well as why it’s important to understand. Whenever you deploy Windows Server 2003 in your production environment, you should always consider high level design items such as what your functional level is. This will determine what features you have available to you when... Read More

  2. Diagnosing Server Performance Problems With Server Performance Advisor

    The Windows Performance Monitor is a great tool for analyzing a server’s performance. The problem is that it can be complicated to use and the results can be hard to understand. However, Microsoft has recently released a new tool that will test a server’s performance for you and compile the results into an easy to read report. In this article,... Read More

  3. File System Planning for Active Directory 101

    When you are going to install Active Directory in an organization, it’s always wise to consider the base operating system install and to verify that a few important configurations are done in advance. One of the most important being the planning of the local server file system. Although commonly not overlooked, it is not commonly understood why it’s so important... Read More

  4. How to Implement Group Policy Security Filtering

    This article explains how to use security filtering to apply policy to a specific group of users or computers in Active Directory. Included are tips on when and how to implement security filtering for best performance, and troubleshooting problems associated with security filtering... Read More

  5. How to: Disable Error Reporting on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003

    In this article we will cover the basic steps on how to remove error reporting features on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 systems. Error reporting is when your system attempts to connect to Microsoft’s website to send a report of the problem you are experiencing in hopes to help fix it by documenting it. You may have systems where... Read More

  6. How to: Disable the Shutdown Event Tracker in Windows 2003

    In this article I will show you how to disable, and enable, the Shutdown Event Tracker in Windows 2003, as well as how to view Shutdown Event Tracker events. The Shutdown Event Tracker is a means of recording why the system was restarted or shutdown, or why it had shutdown without warning. It pops up every time you attempt to... Read More

  7. Implementing Access-Based Enumeration in Windows Server 2003 R2

    This article shows how to use Access-Based Enumeration to hide shared files and folders from network users who are not authorized to access them. This helps prevent footprinting of your network resources and helps ensure the privacy of sensitive information stored on your servers... Read More

  8. Implementing DFS Namespaces

    This article examines the changes to DFS in Windows Server 2003 R2 and walks you through the steps in setting up domain-based DFS namespaces. Topics covered include creating a namespace, creating folders, and adding folder targets to your namespace... Read More

  9. Implementing DFS Replication

    This article looks at the changes to file system replication in Windows Server 2003 R2 and walks you through an example of setting up replication to provide greater availability for a domain-based DFS namespace... Read More

  10. Implementing Fault Tolerance on Windows Networks

    This article provides a high-level survey of the different fault tolerant technologies available for Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition. These technologies, implemented in both hardware and software, help make Windows Server 2003 a highly available and reliable platform for running business critical applications... Read More

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