Networking between Windows2000 and Windows95/98

by Johannes Helmig [Published on 25 May 2001 / Last Updated on 25 May 2001]

When installing a network between a Windows95/98/Me and a Windows2000 system, just make sure that you configure both systems with all required components. (same rules apply when networking between WIndows95/98/ME and WindowsXP) (see also the Microsoft Knowledge Base article Q258717 ) :

1) Common protocol: Either install on all system NetBEUI protocol or TCP/IP:

Since the default protocol for Windows 2000 is now TCP/IP, you should also use TCP/IP on the Windows95/98/ME system. (for details on the selection/installation of protocols, please view the Adjust the Network Configuration )

Check on TCP/IP properties: for Windows95, you must define manually an IP-address, for Windows98/ME, you can select to use the Windows 98 TCP/IP AutoConfiguration. however: since the Windows98 Auto-IP-configuration will cause a delay at startup, I strongly suggest to assign manually an IP-address (use an address from the range 192.168.x.x with subnetmask ) test, that you have a working network connection to the Windows2000 system by making the TCP/IP PING test.

Verify the Windows 2000 Network. By default, TCP/IP is installed and configured for an Automatic IP-configuration. Although it will not delay the startup, the network will not be ready for a while, since the IP-address will not yet be defined. I suggest to define the IP-address manually, assigning an IP-address in the same range as defined on the Windows95/98 system. test, that you have a working network connection to the Windows95/98/ME system by making the TCP/IP PING test.

2) Install File-and-Printer Sharing:

You need to install the "File-and-Printer Sharing" on Windows95/98/ME as part of the Network configuration.

"File-and-Printer Sharing" is installed already by default, see the Windows 2000 Network Verification.

3) make sure to be in the same workgroup:

Check in the Network-Configuration, tab: Identification, that the name of the workgroup is the same as defined on the Windows 2000 system.

Check in the Properties of "My Computer", tab: Network Identification, that the name of the workgroup is the same as defined on the Windows95/98/ME system. if required, adjust it.

4) Make the resources available by Sharing disks/folders on Windows95/98/ME and by sharing disks/folders on Windows2000.

5) create a Windows2000 Username for the user working on the Windows95/98/ME system:

use Windows 2000 User Management to create a username and password on the Windows 2000 system, which is identical to the username and password used for logon on the Windows95/98/ME system

6) Login on the Windows95/98/ME system on startup with the username and password defined in the step above:

7) the Windows95"Network Neighborhood" should allow you now to access the Windows2000 system and the Windows 2000 "My Network Places" / "Computers Near Me" access to the Windows:

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The Author — Johannes Helmig

Dr.Johannes Helmig is working as Director, Technical Knowledge Management in the Belgium office of Gerber Technology where he is involved in Customer Service and internal training, with special interest in Networking.


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