Windows 2000 Network Sharing

by Johannes Helmig [Published on 16 Sept. 2003 / Last Updated on 16 Sept. 2003]

Defining a Network Share under Windows 2000 is very much the same as under Windows NT4:

Right-click on the Disk-icon
in "My Computer" to share a
complete disk or on any
folder-icon to partially share
a disk, and select "Sharing"
All NT4 and Windows2000 disks
have already an invisible share
for each disk, called C$, D$,....
This is the "Administrative Share",
allowing a Domain Administrator
to connect via the network to your
systems and to configure it.
Please, do NOT delete this share.
(and since the Sharename uses
as last character the '$'-sign
such administrative shares are
never shown in the
"Network Neighborhood" or
"Computers Near Me".

To create a Share-definition
usable for regular users, click on
the button "New Share".

Define the Share-name:
This name is displayed in the
"Network Neighborhood" or
"Computers Near Me" to identify
this disk or folder.

Check the "Permissions":
By default, Everyone has
"Full Control".

No misunderstanding:
Everyone is not each person
managing to connect via the
network to this system, but
the User-group EVERYONE,
which automatically contains
all users defined on THIS system
in the User-Manager.
A word of warning:
If you have Windows95/98/ME systems,
which need to access this share, limit the
name to max. 12 characters, otherwise
the share will NOT be listed in the
Network Neighborhood of Win9x/ME..
You can still access such a share via the
NET USE-command (details like NT4)
This disk has now 2 Share-names:
- the Administrative Share
- The User-defined Share.

Just make sure, that you select
the right one, when making a

The disk (or the Folder) is ready to be accessed via the Network.


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