I forgot my Windows95 Password

by Johannes Helmig [Published on 13 Dec. 1997 / Last Updated on 13 Dec. 1997]

Passwords are usually used to protect a system again unauthorized access.
However, security is "weak" under Windows95, because by just entering a new Username, the system allows to login (not so with WindowsNT: without a valid user-name and password, you CANNOT login, so if you want a secure system, use Windows NT4 with NTFS-formatted disk).

The biggest problem with password: people forget them !

But that is no problem under Windows95:
look in the Windows-directory for PWL-files:

If you forgot your password, simple delete (or better just rename) the PWL-file of the user, then login again under that User-name, you can now enter a NEW password.

Dialup-Networking Server Password:
The file "RNA.PWL" stores the password of the Dialup-Networking Server.
My experience: Delete the RNA.PWL-file, reboot, delete the file RNA.PWL again, then goto Dialup-Server, it will now complain about a "corrupt" password, but at least it will give you now a change to enter a NEW Password !
Warning: this also deletes your passwords for DIALING OUT !

Password-protected Network Resources
Extract from the Winodows95 Resource-Kit:

Install it from "Control-Panel"/"Add/Remove Programs"/"Windows-Setup"/"Have Disk":
(if you do NOT have Windows95 of CD-ROM, it can be downloaded from:
Downloadable file : http://www.microsoft.com/windows/download/pwedit.exe
it downloads the self-extracting file PWEDIT.EXE, which contains PWLEDIT.EXE and PWLEDIT.INF)

Don't forget to put the
(otherwise it does
NOT get installed)

The Password Editor is then available from the Menu "Accessories":

I did not have a matching
PWL-file, only the one
for Dialup-Server.

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The Author — Johannes Helmig

Dr.Johannes Helmig is working as Director, Technical Knowledge Management in the Belgium office of Gerber Technology where he is involved in Customer Service and internal training, with special interest in Networking.


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