Not Enough Server Storage

by Johannes Helmig [Published on 7 March 1998 / Last Updated on 7 March 1998]

You have installed a network card in your NT4 system, loaded the network-drivers , but on starting up NT4, the following message is displayed:

Also, it will be impossible to share drivers and printers, because the "Share Selection" will not be available in the Context menu (Right-mouse click)

In such cases, ALWAYS have a look to the "Event Viewer" (part of the Administrative Tools):

Double-Click on the "blue" line to get a detailed error-description:

If you get this message, verify whether you have the "NT4 Service Pack 3" installed by calling up "NT Diagnostics" (Administrative Tools):

You have the "NT4 Service Pack 3" install, you installed the Network, but you DID NOT re-install the Service Pack !
Remember: when you installed the Service pack 3, what it told you as LAST message:

Solution: Re-install the Service Pack 3


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