Error Mapping a Drive

by Johannes Helmig [Published on 12 July 1998 / Last Updated on 12 July 1998]

You see the other system in your "Network Neighborhood", select a resource and now try to map it, and then:

When you get such (or a similar "Mapping") error message, have a look to your CONFIG.SYS, whether you have in there a "LASTDRIVE" statement:
You CANNOT use a drive-letter a drive within the range defined by LASTDRIVE !
Solution: either delete the LASTDRIVE-statement in your CONFIG.SYS (it is in most cases anyway a left-over from an upgrade from a DOS to a Win95 system and usually not anymore required)
Use a drive-letter ABOVE the LASTDRIVE range.

If you like more details on this issue, please look at the Microsoft Knowledge base article Q130077:

Are you trying to map your own disk-drive as a network drive ?

see Sharing and Mapping for the solution


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