Connect to dialup Popup

by Johannes Helmig [Published on 28 March 1998 / Last Updated on 28 March 1998]

You have on your system a Dialup-Networking connection to the Internet, but are have on your network adapter a binding with TCP/IP protocol for company internal TCP/IP communications (like to your mainframe computer).
When using now a TCP/IP utility on your LAN:

the Dialup-Networking "Connect To" window keeps poping up and you have to Cancel to continue your job.

To avoid this poping up, check
in the "Settings" of your
Dial-Up Networking:
Select the Option
"Don't prompt to use...."

But that was NOT sufficient on my system: It seems, that the Microsoft Internet Explorer installs the in Control-Panel its own applet:

Taking the Checkmark OFF on the
"Connect to the Internet as needed"
fixed it on my system, it does NOT

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