Network Troubleshooting

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Our troubleshooting section offers information on how to deal with some common networking problems, tweaks, and advice on important networking tools.

5 Windows 2000/XP issues 22 April 2002
26 Windows NT/95/98/ME issues 2 Dec. 2000
  1. I forgot my Windows95 Password

  2. IPX:Error loading protocol 0, error 254

  3. Is the Network-Connection "healthy" ?

  4. It takes a long time to shutdown

  5. Live CDs for Networking and IT Pros

    Here we’ll take a look at five different live CD solutions you can boot a PC into from a CD, DVD, or flash drive... Read More

  6. Making Sense of Windows Routing Tables

    It’s amazing the way that time can go by. People tend to think of computers as being high tech, but the TCP/IP protocol has been around in one form or another for over three decades. As such, TCP/IP has had time to really mature and be made stable and reliable. When it comes to computers, nothing is foolproof though. When... Read More

  7. Managing Active Directory with PowerShell

    In this article, I’ll walk through how you can get started using PowerShell to manage AD, and provide examples of some of the common tasks you can perform... Read More

  8. Monitoring and Troubleshooting Using Event Logs

    This article reviews best practices for working with Windows event logs including how to interpret event messages, how to configure event logs, how to search and filter events, how to view events on remote systems, and how to use EventCombMT.exe and other tools to monitor events on multiple systems... Read More

  9. NT4 Share - Device is not ready

  10. Netware Compatible shell is not available

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