Network Protocols

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This section contains articles that will help you understand how networked computers communicate with each other using a pre-defined set of rules, otherwise known as a protocol.

  1. IPSec (IP Security): Part 1 - ESP

    IPSec is an area that little is known about except to those who use and configure it. This is a shame as it really is an area that should gain more exposure. Within the confines of this article we will take a walk through IPSec and its conventions... Read More

  2. IPSec (IP Security): Part 2 - IKE & AH

    In this article series based on IPSec we covered ESP in part I. Part II will go on to cover what IKE is, and also looked at will be AH. Being able to understand the various parts that make up what is called IPSec is an important building block in an effort to further your knowledge. Read on to find... Read More

  3. IPSec (IP Security): Part 3 - GRE

    In Part II of the IPSec article series we went over IKE and the various phases it uses to do its work. We also left off by taking a sneak peek at what AH was and how it went about its business. In Part III we will finish looking at AH and wrap up the article series with a look... Read More

  4. IPv6 Support in Microsoft Windows

    This article provides an overview of how different Microsoft Windows platforms have different levels of support for IPv6 features and transition technologies. The enhanced IPv6 support coming in Windows Vista and Longhorn Server is also described... Read More

  5. IPv6: What's with all the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt)?

    This article dives into the IPv6 protocol, what it offers and a great example of a "practical use" for the technology... Read More

  6. Introduction to the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Part 1

    In this two part article we will look at how to use SNMP, the Simple Network Management Protocol, and install the service on Windows Server 2003. We will cover the essentials of the SNMP protocol, how it is used and how to install it and configure it to work within a Community... Read More

  7. Options for creating a software-based Windows iSCSI Server

    The various options available to create a software-based iSCSI Server (or target in iSCSI terminology)... Read More

  8. Routing Protocols

    This article gives a high level overview of the routing protocols, and how they fit into our online lives... Read More

  9. The Spanning Tree Protocol

    In this article we will discuss the Spanning Tree Protocol and what it does for you... Read More

  10. The evolution and future of Wi-Fi (Part 1)

    Wi-Fi began in 1997. Today, the technology has evolved and we now have 802.11n. This article describes some of the basics of this new technology, accompanied by a short outline of its evolution... Read More

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