Network Protocols

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This section contains articles that will help you understand how networked computers communicate with each other using a pre-defined set of rules, otherwise known as a protocol.

  1. IPv6: What's with all the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt)?

    This article dives into the IPv6 protocol, what it offers and a great example of a "practical use" for the technology... Read More

  2. 10 Core Concepts that Every Windows Network Admin Must Know

    The 10 core concepts that every Windows network admin must know. These are the things that you not only need to know in your day to day job as a Windows Network Admin but for anyone who is interviewing as a network admin... Read More

  3. WiMax vs. LTE: Part 3

    Concluding the three part series by predicting a winner of the competition between WiMax and LTE... Read More

  4. WiMax vs LTE: Part 2 LTE

    In part two of the series, the author discusses Long Term Evolution as a competitor to WiMax... Read More

  5. Options for creating a software-based Windows iSCSI Server

    The various options available to create a software-based iSCSI Server (or target in iSCSI terminology)... Read More

  6. WiMax (Part 1)

    A three part series on 3G wireless broadband by discussing WiMax... Read More

  7. The evolution and future of Wi-Fi (Part 2)

    Discussing the present state of Wi-Fi technology, 802.11n... Read More

  8. The evolution and future of Wi-Fi (Part 1)

    Wi-Fi began in 1997. Today, the technology has evolved and we now have 802.11n. This article describes some of the basics of this new technology, accompanied by a short outline of its evolution... Read More

  9. Configuring IIS To Host an FTP Site (Part 4)

    Concludes the series on creating FTP sites by showing how Authentication and Authorization work in IIS 7... Read More

  10. Configuring IIS To Host an FTP Site (Part 3)

    Using IIS to host an FTP site: How to enable SSL encryption for FTP... Read More

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