General Networking

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This topic provides an overview of the elements and issues involved in Networking and the basics needed before setting up any type of network.

The different types of network connections, basic networking terminology, network hardware, and network setups are all discussed in this section.

  1. A Crash Course in Storage Area Networking (Part 2)

    This article continues the series by discussing some of the hardware that is used in storage area networks. Specifically, this article will focus primarily on Fibre Channel host bus adapters... Read More

  2. Scripted Network Defense (Part 2) - Perfmon Events and Task Triggers

    In this article we'll discuss how to use Performance Monitor to watch for certain conditions and set up a triggering mechanism for responding to them... Read More

  3. A Crash Course in Storage Area Networking (Part 1)

    This article series serves as an introduction to Storage Area Networking technology... Read More

  4. Scripted Network Defense (Part 1) - Programmatic Defense of Windows Hosts Against Network Attacks

    In this series the author looks at some well-known network attacks and examines free, readily-available tools and scripting techniques that can help you respond to them... Read More

  5. Introduction to System Center Operations Manager 2012 (Part 7) - Monitoring Domain Controllers

    In this, Part 7, you will learn how to add a management pack that monitors a Windows Server 2008 R2 domain controller... Read More

  6. Local vs Domain User Accounts

    In this article the author debates about the concept of domain vs local user account and suggests that all local user accounts be deleted and only those that are truly required be allowed... Read More

  7. Third-Party DNS Services

    In this article the author will review three of the most popular third-party DNS providers – OpenDNS, Google and Dyn... Read More

  8. Group Policy Preferences: Top 5 Item-Level Targeting Options

    In this article, the author will give you a listing of the top 5 Item-level Targeting options... Read More

  9. Lesser Known Network Security Vulnerabilities

    In the article the author takes a look at some general network vulnerabilities that you might not be aware of!... Read More

  10. Group Policy: Enforce vs. Enforced vs. Force

    In this article the author tackles the different options within Group Policy and explains the difference between Enforce, Enforced and Force methods... Read More

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