General Networking

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This topic provides an overview of the elements and issues involved in Networking and the basics needed before setting up any type of network.

The different types of network connections, basic networking terminology, network hardware, and network setups are all discussed in this section.

  1. Securing Wireless Network Traffic (Part 3)

    This article continues the discussion of wireless network security by examining the pros and cons of SSID broadcasting and MAC address filtering... Read More

  2. Securing Wireless Network Traffic (Part 4)

    This article continues the series on securing wireless network traffic by discussing some more of the security mechanisms that are typically built into wireless hardware... Read More

  3. Securing Wireless Network Traffic (Part 5)

    In this article, I am going to continue my discussion of wireless security by addressing the question of whether or not a wireless network can ever be truly secure... Read More

  4. Securing Wireless Network Traffic (Part 6)

    This article continues the discussion of wireless network security by examining the options that are available through the Windows Server 2008 operating system... Read More

  5. Securing Wireless Network Traffic (Part 7)

    This article continues the discussion of wireless network security by showing you how to deploy a Network Policy Server and how to perform certificate enrollment and Active Directory registration for that server... Read More

  6. Securing Wireless Network Traffic (Part 8)

    This article looks at the process of configuring the network policy server that was set up in the previous article and what is involved in linking your wireless access point to the network policy server... Read More

  7. Securing Wireless Network Traffic (Part 9)

    This article concludes the series on wireless network security by taking a look at some ways of securing Windows clients... Read More

  8. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Its Functions

    This article will cover a quite illusive protocol known as the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), employed by the Real Time Communications (RTC) Server is a Microsoft approach in providing instant messaging (IM) and videoconferencing on both a business and informal level. In order to understand the workings of the RTC Server it is necessary to acquire knowledge of the Server’s... Read More

  9. Seven steps Windows Server administrators should consider

    In this article, I will describe what I see as the major events coming down the pike to which administrators should take notice... Read More

  10. Sharing and Mapping

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