General Networking

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This topic provides an overview of the elements and issues involved in Networking and the basics needed before setting up any type of network.

The different types of network connections, basic networking terminology, network hardware, and network setups are all discussed in this section.

  1. Securing Wireless Network Traffic (Part 1)

    This article series will examine various techniques for securing Wi-Fi networks. This first article in the series deals with understanding the vulnerabilities associated with wireless networks... Read More

  2. Storage Configurations

    In this article the author explains three common network storage configurations... Read More

  3. Certificate Revocation Checking in Test Labs

    The steps towards a few procedures you can use to simplify CRL checking in your lab environment... Read More

  4. Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks

    A short description of each of the six original RAID architectures. Introducing some of the common terminology associated with RAID and computer storage in general... Read More

  5. Why is FusionIO so awesome?

    An overview of solid state drive technology and an explanation on how innovation (specifically Fusion IO’s innovation) is reducing some of these limitations... Read More

  6. “Under the Hood” of Group Policy

    Taking a deep dive into how the Group Policy engine works... Read More

  7. The Importance of Network Redundancy

    An in depth view of current technology and strategies used to create redundancy in your WAN and how to properly design, implement, monitor and test in case of any disaster that may occur as well as covering briefly other redundancy options... Read More

  8. Understanding Virtual Networking in Microsoft Hyper-V

    Working with Hyper-V virtual networks; Taking a look at how they work and some of the key features and limitations imposed by these networks... Read More

  9. Specialized Router Operating Software

    Various operating systems used on network routing hardware; focussing on large-scale implementations... Read More

  10. What is Dynamic Virtual Client Computing? Or, What’s the Problem with VDI and Why XP Mode is a Good Thing

    Taking a look at what Dynamic Virtual Client computing is, taking a look at the problems with VDI and why XP mode is a good thing... Read More

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