Dial-Up, RAS, ICS articles for Windows NT

Last Updated on 28 July 2001, Total: 12 Articles and Tutorials

This section deals specifically with different types of connectivity for Windows NT. Connectivity is the way a computer connects to a network or to the Internet. We will be dealing with different ways of connecting to a network or to the Internet: Dial-up, Internet Connection Sharing, and Remote Access Service.

The articles in this section will help you find out how to set up different Internet connections, install modems, and deal with problems that are common with NT.

  1. Windows NT4 ICS Client Installation

  2. Modem Inactivity Timeout

  3. Dial-Up Networking Call Back

  4. Dialing in via NT4 RAS/DUN to Netware

  5. Dialing in to an NT4 Remote Access Server

  6. Configure DUN as Internet Connection

  7. Remote Access Server (RAS) for Dialing-In

  8. Installation of the Modem on NT4

  9. Define a Dial-Up Networking Connection

  10. Dialing out via DUN to the Internet

  11. Installation of Dial-Up Networking

  12. Verification of the Dial-Up Networking Setup

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