ADSL via Network Card : Problems with ADSL Connection

by Johannes Helmig [Published on 1 Nov. 2001 / Last Updated on 1 Nov. 2001]

special problem : Periodic pauses / delays in displaying Webpages

When connecting from Windows95/98/ME via a network card to an ADSL-modem, you should
install some patches , to avoid your ADSL/ DSL connection to "hang up" after a few minutes.:

Updates to the Windows System files NDIS.VXD and VTCP.386 (for more information and
the download links, see the Microsoft Knowledge base articles Q236926 and Q243199 ) :

Check in Windows\System the file-version
make sure, that you have 4.10.2224.
(if not, download patch at Q243199 ).

Note: My Windows98SE system did have
file-version 4.10.2222, and I have seen
multiple publications strongly suggesting to
install this patch on Windows98SE to
prevent your system hanging.
Check in Windows\System the file-version
of VTCP.386.
make sure, that you have 4.10.2223.
(if not, download patch at Q236926).

Note: My Windows98SE system did have
file-version 4.10.2222.

However, these patched did not fix my problem :
In regular intervals, when I requested to display a webpage on a different server
(when following a link from one website to another or selecting a link from the menu: Favorites in the browser),
nothing happened for 30-60 seconds, then the page got displayed.

I have found out, that these
delays are caused by the DNS
resolution : I was able to
PING the Internet server
using the IP-address, but
when trying to PING using
the name, nothing happens
for 30-60 seconds.
Then the system was able
to get the IP-address from
the DNS-server and made
the PING communication
test (and when I had the
Internet Explorer open
"hanging"/Waiting to display a
new page, it started to display
the new page at the same time
as PING reported the IP-address)

This is caused by the TCP/IP protocol using the network adapter connecting to the
ADSL-modem, when there is NO IP-address configured :

I have seen several reports in Computer
journals, suggesting to :

- assign a static IP-address
(I do not know, if this will interfere with
a LAN configuration with 2 network cards

- delete the TCP/IP-protocol having a
binding with the network card connection
to the ADSL-modem
(that was not possible with the ADSL
software delivered by my ADSL provider)

I fixed my problem by installing an alternative access software : RASPPPOE

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The Author — Johannes Helmig

Dr.Johannes Helmig is working as Director, Technical Knowledge Management in the Belgium office of Gerber Technology where he is involved in Customer Service and internal training, with special interest in Networking.


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