Hidden Shared Resources

by Johannes Helmig [Published on 28 June 1998 / Last Updated on 28 June 1998]

When sharing a resource (a complete disk or a directory or a printer), you can on Windows95/98/NT4 declare the share to be a "hidden" share by having a $-sign at the end of the sharename:

When Browsing now the network (like in Explorer, Find-Computer or Network-Neighborhood), such hidden-resources will NOT be displayed:

Although the F-Drive of P120_HOME is shared,
it is NOT displayed.

To gain access to such a hidden resource, you MUST know its name.
Use the context-menu (right mouse-button) of "My Computer" or "Network Neighborhood":

select "Map Network Drive" and:

and enter now the UNC of the hidden resource:
\ \ <computername>\<sharename>

Once a hidden disk resource is mapped or a hidden printer is installed, it can be used like any other network resource.


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