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  1. Wi-Fi Network Design Tips

    Designing and deploying a wireless network is much different than with wired networks. Transferring data via the airwaves brings up added security and performance concerns. Here I’ll share some tips you’ll find useful during the planning, installation, configuration, and maintenance phases of a Wi-Fi deployment... Read More

  2. Provisioning Virtual Machine Clouds with Windows Azure Pack (Part 1)

    This first article in a short series of articles on provisioning virtual machine clouds with Windows Azure Pack walks you through how to use the Best Practices Analyzer to validate your Windows Azure Pack deployment... Read More

  3. Is Windows 8.1 finally ready for corporate prime time? (Part 2)

    In this article we'll look at some of the tweaks that Microsoft has made to Windows 8 to make the OS more business-friendly... Read More

  4. Windows Server 2012 R2 and BYOD (Part 6)

    This article continues the discussion of BYOD in an enterprise environment by walking you through the process of setting up a Web app that you can use for testing purposes... Read More

  5. Windows Server 2012 DNS (Part 1)

    This first article of our network services series we will discuss Domain Name System (DNS)... Read More

  6. Deploying Windows Azure Pack (Part 6)

    The sixth and final article in this series completes the walkthrough of the express deployment of Windows Azure Pack... Read More

  7. Is Windows 8.1 finally ready for corporate prime time? (Part 1)

    In this article we'll take a look at why not many businesses have rolled out Windows 8/8.1 on the desktop... Read More

  8. Building a Private Cloud With System Center 2012 (Part 10)

    This article continues the private cloud discussion by explaining how to enable self service provisioning... Read More

  9. The Data Skills Server Admins Should Master

    Here are five technologies that I believe Windows system administrators should watch in an effort to gain more understanding for data, the lifeblood of the business... Read More

  10. Deploying Windows Azure Pack (Part 5)

    The fifth article walks through the first steps of deploying Windows Azure Pack... Read More

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