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  1. Storage planning for Hyper-V Hosts (Part 5)

    This article examines some planning considerations for Storage Migration, a new feature of Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2... Read More

  2. Performing Small Business Technology Assessments

    This article looks at things you need to consider when performing IT and general technology assessments... Read More

  3. Working with the Desired State Configuration Feature (Part 1)

    This article series explains how you can use the Desired State Configuration feature to ensure that virtual machines on your network are configured in a consistent manner... Read More

  4. Using PowerShell to Manage AD and AD Users

    Windows PowerShell is an important tool to automate system and network administration tasks that otherwise would be too time consuming and tedious to execute. This article reviews using PowerShell 4.0 to install Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), managing the AD PSDrive, and using the AD module for Windows PowerShell to administer AD users in a Windows Server 2012 R2... Read More

  5. Active Directory Domain Controllers in Hyper-V Replica Environment (Part 1)

    In this article you'll learn how VMGenerationID technology helps you host virtual domain controllers running Windows Server 2012 and later versions without worrying about USN rollback... Read More

  6. Storage planning for Hyper-V Hosts (Part 4)

    The fourth article in this series examines Storage QoS and some considerations regarding its use for virtual machines running on Hyper-V hosts... Read More

  7. PowerShell Essentials (Part 1)

    This article series is designed to serve as a PowerShell tutorial for administrators who might not have taken the time to learn PowerShell... Read More

  8. Microsoft Azure - The Network Operating System of the Future, Today (Part 2) - Dedicated WAN Connectivity with ExpressRoute

    In this article we'll look at the features and functionalities in Microsoft Azure that we think are the most fun, and that’s the networking components... Read More

  9. Windows Networking Tricks and Tips

    Here I share a couple of network-related tips and tricks you as a user can take advantage of in Windows. Two of the tips discuss features that debuted in Windows 8 and 8.1, while the others you can use in Windows 7 and later... Read More

  10. Storage planning for Hyper-V Hosts (Part 3)

    The third article in this series looks at Storage Spaces with storage tiering and its usefulness for Hyper-V hosts... Read More

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