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  1. Using a Split DNS to Support Small Business Remote Access Connections

    Small businesses are getting into the remote access market. No, I don’t mean that small businesses are becoming ISPs. What I do mean is that small businesses want to be able to access information stored on machines located on their small business network no matter where they go, in the same way big businesses do it... Read More

  2. Software Review: Network Server Monitor 5.5

    As Network Administrators, we are usually expected to keep our servers up and running without interruption for as long as we possibly can. Of course, no-one knows as well as we do just how temperamental those servers can be. To help you in your quest for high server availability, there are a number of utilities out there that will automatically... Read More

  3. Deploying the Windows SharePoint Services

    The Windows SharePoint Services are a free ad-on for Windows Server 2003. They allow users to collaborate on projects while preserving multiple versions of shared documents... Read More

  4. Working with the Windows Server 2003 Volume Shadow Copy Service

    New to Windows Server 2003, the Volume Shadow Copy Service provides users with a way of restoring files themselves without having to involve you. This article explains how to implement and configure this service... Read More

  5. Installing and configuring virtual PC (Part 2)

    In the first part of this article I took you through the installation of Virtual PC, in this article I will guide you through the configuration of Microsoft’s virtual PC. The article will focus on how virtual PC should be configured so that your system functions effectively and makes use of the hardware efficiently... Read More

  6. An Introduction to Wireless Networking (Part 2) - Requirements and Setup

    Welcome to the second of a two part series on wireless networking. In this section we will look at the what and how to of setting up a wireless network, as well as what Windows 2003 has to offer in this sector... Read More

  7. An Introduction to Wireless Networking (Part 1) - 802.11 Overview

    This article will act as the first of a two part series on wireless networking. In part one we will look at the basics and get a general overview of what wireless networking involves... Read More

  8. Installing and Configuring Virtual PC (Part 1)

    In this two part article I will guide you through the installation of Microsoft’s virtual PC. The article will also focus on how virtual PC should be installed so that your system functions correctly... Read More

  9. DNS Conditional Forwarding in Windows Server 2003

    In this article we'll look at conditional forwarding, a new feature of DNS in Windows Server 2003. Conditional forwarding can be used to speed up the DNS name resolution process by directing queries for specific domains to specific name servers. This tutorial explains in detail when conditional forwarding can be useful and how to set it up... Read More

  10. NAT in Windows 2003: Setup and Configuration

    This article will describe how to setup and configure NAT in Windows 2003. NAT, or Network Address Translation, is a widely used IP translation and mapping protocol that works on the network layer (level 3) of the OSI model. It is sometimes referred to as a routing protocol because of the way it allows packets from a private network to... Read More

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