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  1. Implementing DFS Replication

    This article looks at the changes to file system replication in Windows Server 2003 R2 and walks you through an example of setting up replication to provide greater availability for a domain-based DFS namespace... Read More

  2. IPSec (IP Security): Part 3 - GRE

    In Part II of the IPSec article series we went over IKE and the various phases it uses to do its work. We also left off by taking a sneak peek at what AH was and how it went about its business. In Part III we will finish looking at AH and wrap up the article series with a look... Read More

  3. Introducing Vista’s Network Center

    If you have ever worked as a consultant or even just helped out a friend with a computer problem, then you have probably been in a situation in which you sat down at an unfamiliar workstation and had to get an idea of how the system was configured prior to working on the problem. Although Windows XP’s network configuration options... Read More

  4. Review of Microsoft's Branch Office Infrastructure Solution (BOIS)

    This article provides a detailed overview of Microsoft's comprehensive guide to deploying branch office networks based on Windows Server 2003 using automated deployment tools... Read More

  5. IPSec (IP Security): Part 2 - IKE & AH

    In this article series based on IPSec we covered ESP in part I. Part II will go on to cover what IKE is, and also looked at will be AH. Being able to understand the various parts that make up what is called IPSec is an important building block in an effort to further your knowledge. Read on to find... Read More

  6. Configuring DFS Namespaces

    This article covers advanced topics relevant to administrators implementing DFS Namespaces in a multi-site enterprise environment. Topics covered include adding namespace servers, configuring referral order methods, overriding referral order, and enabling client failback after a referral... Read More

  7. Load Balance Terminal Services & Citrix Servers: 2X LoadBalancer Software Review

    In this review I will take a look at 2X LoadBalancer. My review of 2X LoadBalancer was performed with three Windows 2000 Server systems. One server acted as the “gateway” and the two remaining servers acted as the Terminal Servers... Read More

  8. IPSec (IP Security): Part 1 - ESP

    IPSec is an area that little is known about except to those who use and configure it. This is a shame as it really is an area that should gain more exposure. Within the confines of this article we will take a walk through IPSec and its conventions... Read More

  9. Implementing DFS Namespaces

    This article examines the changes to DFS in Windows Server 2003 R2 and walks you through the steps in setting up domain-based DFS namespaces. Topics covered include creating a namespace, creating folders, and adding folder targets to your namespace... Read More

  10. Establishing Redundancy through Demand Dial Routing

    Branch offices provide a special challenge when it comes to connectivity. If the WAN connection between the main office and a branch office fails, then the branch office is completely cut off from the rest of the network until the connection becomes available once again. Fortunately, there are some options available to you for creating redundant connections. In this article,... Read More

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