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  1. Interview: Maintaining Legacy Software (Part 1)

    This article is the first part of a two-part interview with a longtime IT pro on the topic of how to maintain legacy software... Read More

  2. Building a PowerShell GUI (Part 5)

    This article continues the discussion of PowerShell GUIs, by examining the code from the previous article... Read More

  3. Containerization Proliferation: The Docker Effect (Part 3)

    Here in Part 3, we will take up the (sometimes touchy) subject of container security in general and Docker security in particular, what has been done and is being done to improve it, and third party security solutions that can make Docker and other containerization methods more secure... Read More

  4. Active Directory Insights (Part 14) - More about the Global Catalog

    This article continues examining the Global Catalog and how to implement and maintain it in Active Directory environments... Read More

  5. Addressing RDP Failures for EC2 Virtual Machines (Part 1)

    This article discusses your options when you are unable to establish RDP connectivity to a virtual machine running on the Amazon cloud... Read More

  6. Containerization Proliferation: The Docker Effect (Part 2)

    In this Part 2, we’ll start drilling down into the popular container solutions, logically beginning with the company that put containers on the map: Docker... Read More

  7. PowerShell for Storage and File System Management (Part 10)

    This article continues the discussion of using PowerShell to validate storage health. In doing so, we will be creating a script that is capable of sending E-mail alerts in response to any issues that are detected... Read More

  8. Finding Network Settings in Windows 10

    Microsoft has made many major changes to the GUI of Windows in the past couple of releases. This includes the network settings and connection details as well. Thus here I share how to access many of the common network settings and features in Windows 10. You’ll find them mixed between the good old Network and Sharing Center and the new... Read More

  9. Migrating DNS servers from Linux to Windows (Part 2)

    This is the second article of a two-part series on migrating BIND name servers running Linux to Windows Server DNS servers... Read More

  10. Containerization Proliferation: The Docker Effect (Part 1)

    In this part one of this multi-part series, we'll briefly explain the benefits of using containers and some generalities about how they work... Read More

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