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  1. Active Directory Group Policy Health Check Items (Part 5)

    In Part 4 of this article series, we explained methods available to backup domain GPOs. We explained two common GPO backup methods that are GPMC and Backup-GPO PowerShell cmdlet. Although the most preferred method is to use GPMC, but in case you need to script GPO backup operation, you can always use Backup-GPO PowerShell cmdlet... Read More

  2. Improving Security with Credential Guard (Part 3)

    This article concludes the series on Credential Guard, by examining the process for enabling the protection of credentials... Read More

  3. CloudTrail: Your Walmart for AWS logs.

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a large number of cloud-based products that enable organizations to perform cloud computing. In fact, the product offering is so large that AWS has become synonymous with infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Based on the actions they perform, AWS product offerings are grouped under broad categories such as compute, storage, and databases... Read More

  4. Revisiting Server Manager

    With some help from a Senior Premiere Field Engineer (PFE) at Microsoft we re-examine Server Manager in this article and learn why sysadmins may want to give this tool another chance... Read More

  5. Active Directory Group Policy Health Check Items - (Part 4)

    This is the Part 4 of “Active Directory Group Policy Health Check Items” article series. In Part 1 of this article series, we explained a list of Group Policy health check items that we think it is necessary to include your Active Directory health check procedure... Read More

  6. Improving Security with Credential Guard (Part 2)

    This article continues the discussion of Credential Guard by explaining how the technology works... Read More

  7. Active Directory Group Policy Health Check Items (Part 3)

    In the Part 2 of this article series, we provided a PowerShell script that you can use to get a list of GPOs that are not applying to any objects in the Active Directory domain... Read More

  8. Block spam and phishing using SPF records

    This article walks through how you can configure SPF records on your DNS servers to block spam and messages with spoofed addresses for Microsoft Exchange and Office 365... Read More

  9. Setting up the Server Management Tools for Windows Server

    This article discusses Microsoft’s Server Management Tools, which will provide seamless management for local and cloud-based servers through GUI based management tools... Read More

  10. Managing persistent user profiles (Part 1)

    This is the first part of a two-part article that examines different approaches for managing persistent user profiles on computers running Windows 10 in lab and training environments... Read More

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