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You can send faxes from any production application (SAP, Oracle, Crystal Reports, etc)

GoldFax is the affordable, network fax solution for organizations looking to automate the processing of faxes - outbound and inbound.

With GoldFax you can send faxes from: any Windows desktop application, any email client (Outlook, OWA, Notes, etc.), or production system (SAP, Oracle, Crystal Reports, etc.) on any server (Windows, OpenVMS, iSeries, Unix, etc.). GoldFax can also receive faxes and route them to email inboxes, save to folders, print, and more. GoldFax is Citrix friendly, too.

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New articles added to last month

An Introduction to Network Access Protection (Part 5)
Date - Mar 27th, 2007
Author - Brien M. Posey
The process for creating authorization policies.
Managing Windows Networks Using Scripts - Part 9: Understanding Remote Scripting
Date - Mar 21st, 2007
Author - Mitch Tulloch
Some of the concepts and pitfalls surrounding remote scripting.
Securing Printer Usage in Windows Server 2003 (Part 1)
Date - Mar 13th, 2007
Author - Brien M. Posey
How to secure sensitive printers in your organization.
Managing Windows Networks Using Scripts - Part 8: Troubleshooting Remote Scripting using Network Monitor 3.0
Date - Mar 7th, 2007
Author - Mitch Tulloch
How to use Network Monitor 3.0 for troubleshooting a remote scripting error.
Networking Basics: Part 7 - Introduction to FSMO Roles
Date - Mar 1st, 2007
Author - Brien M. Posey
The necessity of FSMO roles.

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